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SlotsMillion VR Social Casino

5 October 2018


SlotsMillion was the first-ever online casino to embark into the exciting world of VR, 3 years after its first VR project, SlotsMillion Social VR Casino is here to take its VR endeavors even further.

2015 – SlotsMillion VR

Back in 2015, SlotsMillion released the first real money VR casino which received a warm welcome from the igaming industry and became the cornerstone project through which we were able to acquire insight in the still developing and fast-paced arena of Virtual Reality, as well as on the market and the different player profiles.

2017 – Sugar Rush VR

In 2017 we developed a Sugar Rush VR adaptation of the well-known Pragmatic Play slot to profile the mobile experience. This project enabled us to deepen our understanding of mobile technology, ergonomy and player experience via 3 different Mobile VR headsets: Daydream, Cardboard, Samsung Gear.

2018 – SlotsMillion Social VR Casino

It was only thanks to our past trajectory that we were able to obtain the know-how necessary to build a high-end social casino through which to offer VR slots, table games, and slots tournament social experiences. This is our most recent project, still in its development phase and focused on improving our players’ gaming experience through the most cutting-edge technology. Our aim is to take the SlotsMillion Social VR Casino and make it available on PC, mobiles and consoles alike.

The concept of Virtual Reality and relevant projects have been around for quite some while. The technology is as promising as it is amazing, giving the art of storytelling a whole new understanding of an array of possibilities. SlotsMillion VR Social Casino breaks the mold by providing a completely immersive gaming experience.

One of the main setbacks when it comes to VR experiences is that given its complete level of immersion, it can get to be disorienting for many players, that’s why SlotsMillion VR Casino has been built to protect your gaming experience from nausea and disorientation for its optimal enjoyment.

Engage your skills

Achievements within the game will vary from slots, table games, and slots tournaments. The large-winning prizes will be able to be enjoyed directly inside the game; players will obtain wearable clothes, trophies and different types of assets to decorate their spaces with.

Your games are immersive like real casinos

The playground is developed with a high attention of details: players will be able to instantly access their favorite games thanks to the embedded navigation option and winning animations will make each spin a reason to celebrate.

If you are eager to try out the SlotsMillion Social VR Casino, just pop by our stand in the upcoming Lisbon Affiliate Conference. You will be able to experience first-hand the jaw-dropping convergence of technology, storytelling, and igaming to get a glimpse of all the exciting things coming your way!