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We’re back from SiGMA! Here’s our recap.

4 December 2018

SiGMA has become one of the main events within the iGaming industry; so much so, that due to the overwhelming demand, last week’s edition was carried out in the Island throughout three days, starting Wednesday, and closing the same day the work week does, on Friday. Over 12,500 delegates gathered under the Malta’s Fair and Convention Center roof with at least one thing in common: dedication for the iGaming industry. The ALEA team was no exception, and after several weeks of preparation, the Barcelona team was ready to join our colleagues at Malta for a week of networking, meetings and events that not only allowed us to reassess what has been done during 2018, but also plan and strategise our goals for the upcoming year.


With such an extensive presence of industry experts in the island, going to Malta is always a wonderful opportunity to meet face-to-face with all the partners, collaborators and affiliates we spend the time in-between conferences speaking to via the technological wonders of our digital era; that even incredible, is nothing like an in-person meeting to chat.

This year, the forum at SiGMA blew everyone’s expectations, with impressive stands everywhere you laid your eyes on, and meetings after meetings in every other spot available, you can surely state that every space of the venue was taken advantage of.

What really marks the difference when attending SiGMA, is that you can feel the conference taking place even if you are no place near the venue itself. From St. Julian’s to Valletta, the presence of representatives from the industry is noticeable. Malta lives and breathes the casino and gambling industry.

As all attendees surely noticed, the week started off with a strong wind, both metaphorically and literally. With back-to-back meetings  with partners and affiliates, and preparations for our ALEA SOIRÉE event, though we even managed to  squeeze in some time to visit the Malta Casino and practice what we preach while enjoying the atmosphere.

Thursday, however, was truly the high-note of the week. After attending SiGMA, we were ready to hold our own event and celebrate all the hard work. Capo Crudo Ristolounge was where all the ALEA SOIRÉE magic happened. The ALEA team and our guests who ranged from game providers to affiliates, to other industry pro’s all stopped by for an evening of delicious appetizers courtesy of the delicious hand of Capo Crudo’s chefs, and some drinks to accompany the many cheers. We highly appreciate everyone who attended and we hope you had as good a time as we did. The night went by fairly quick, as it so commonly does when having a good time. Friday was the day to embrace the final day of the conference and start saying our -see you later- to Malta, and leave knowing we wish to visit the island in several opportunities during next year.


All-in-all SiGMA is an immediate reference for anyone involved with the iGaming industry, and will continue to be for at least the foreseeable future. For the ALEA team, it was a productive week that involved a lot of fruitful meetings, pleasant conversations, great acquaintances (both old and new) and maybe far too much delicious food. But hey, what’s life without some indulgence, right?

We’d like to give a shoutout to the SiGMA organizers, our fantastic and hard-working affiliates, Capo Crudo Ristolounge for their incredible service and menu, and all of our event guests who contributed to making the ALEA SOIRÉE and the whole week such an amusing and rewarding time.

Here are some of the week’s highlights in pictures.
Til’ the next time!!