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VR and AR compared

Show and Tell- Episode 2: VR & AR Compared

5 July 2018

Episode 2: VR & AR Compared


In an era where VR and AR are steadily becoming one of the most funded and researched technologies worldwide, the use of these terms are continually becoming more widespread and will eventually gain a spot in our day-to-day vocabulary. However, there is still one quick yet powerful question to be asked: What the heck is the difference between VR and AR?  Both terms are buzzing mostly because of the infinite possibilities they will offer for all industries imaginable, but it’s hard to care if you can’t tell the two apart. If done correctly, when one raises a question, there are many more that follow: how does AR work? How does VR work? What are they each for? What do they have in common and what sets them apart? That’s precisely what Episode 2 of Alea Affiliates’s Show and Tell wants to address. And again, if we are doing it correctly, after watching it you will hopefully come out with many new questions you never figured you’d care about. So take yourself a 5-minute break to discover some small doses of great big topics

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About Show and Tell:

We recently launched Show and Tell; an Instagram Stories capsule on our Alea Affiliates Instagram account (@aleaaffiliates) where we regularly break down Small doses of Great Big Stories on some of the topics we believe are most interesting in the world of technology, marketing, digital communications, and the gaming industry as a whole. The premise is quite simple, given that we are absolutely fascinated by technology and the immense possibilities this digital age of ours contains; we decided to create a space to share these topics in a way that is both quick (because we understand how busy we all are) and visually appealing, because hey, that’s how modern humans like to consume information nowadays. Our intention is to question, though not always answer, matters like where technology is taking us, from all perspectives: the good, the bad and the ugly. Our first episode was aimed at how VR and AR are taking a leading spotlight in modern technology’s research and development projects and what these imply.

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