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Show and Tell-Episode 1

Show and Tell-Episode 1: VR & AR World Context

10 July 2018

About Show and Tell:

Show and Tell is an Instagram Stories capsule created by Alea Affiliates, (@aleaaffiliates) where we regularly break down Small doses of Great Big Stories on some of the topics we believe are most interesting in the world of technology, marketing, digital communications, and the gaming industry as a whole. The premise is quite simple, given that we are absolutely fascinated by technology and the immense possibilities this digital age of ours contains; we decided to create a space to share these topics in a way that is both quick (because we understand how busy we all are) and visually appealing, because hey, that’s how modern humans like to consume information nowadays. Our intention is to question, though not always answer, matters like where technology is taking us, from all perspectives: the good, the bad and the ugly. Our first episode was aimed at how VR and AR are taking a leading spotlight in modern technology’s research and development projects and what these imply.

Episode 1: VR & AR- World Context


AR & VR have gained a key spotlight in modern day’s research and development projects. Though these technologies have been around for quite some time, we are currently witnessing the beginning of a new phase that will have repercussions on the way humans communicate and consume, quite similar to the impact smartphones have gained in our lives in so little time. All major tech companies are heavily investing in either AR, VR or both, which is no surprise given that AR and VR combined are expected to become a 150-200 billion $ industry by 2021. We are seeing a huge power shift defined by who is able to perfect and gain more know-how on these forms of modern technology.

Just like the world’s power balance was once defined by the capacity to produce vessels or conquer land; today it is human expertise on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, VR & AR that are defining who leads the TECH RACE of the XXI century. Two major players are front-runners, find out who, why and what the rise of VR & AR actually means. So take yourself a 5-minute break to discover some small doses of great big topics

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