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Pick of the week: SlotsMillion’s weekly game suggestion!

18 May 2018

With SlotsMillion featuring over 2000 games that derive from over 50 different game providers, it can sometimes be overwhelming for your players to set their mind on where to start! William Cowper, the prominent English poet once stated that “Variety is the very spice of life; That gives it all its flavor.”, and we couldn’t agree more. We’ve all been there: wanting to try something new but not really knowing what. That’s precisely the purpose of Pick of the Week, a curated game suggestion published on a weekly basis on our SlotsMillion News section that will recap everything your players need to know before they try them out.

Mix it up and keep it fun

Your players can head over to the weekly Pick of the Week blog post that will allow them to not only stay informed but also keep their game list fun and diverse! It offers a theme synopsis, introduces the main characters and lets them know of any other special feature to look forward to when playing the game, special bonus opportunities or fun plot twists. Being humans ourselves, we’re quite aware that our species likes to keep going back to its favorite things; it doesn’t matter if it’s our preferred T-shirt, restaurant, vacation destination or games to play; when something is close to our heart we always go back to it. However, we also know there are so many perks in trying out new things! So what better way to do so than by making an informed decision? That’s precisely what Pick of The Week aims to do: provide players with a weekly game recommendation and help them discover all the awesome features that await them.

We’re going to go all out Matrushka over here and make some suggestions about the weekly game suggestion that is Pick of the Week. So here goes a list of some of the latest for your players to check out:

·Our Pick of the Week: Magic Target Deluxe!

·Our Pick of the Week: Hotline!


·Our Pick of the Week: Azteca Gold!

·Our Pick of the Week: Kaiju!

Your players can find all past editions of Pick of The Week by just heading over to the SlotsMillion news section, or stay tuned and receive them directly in their feed by following the SlotsMillion Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/slotsmillion/

We hope Pick of the Week helps your players mix it up and keep it fun. And tell them to don’t worry, their favorite go-to games will always be there on SlotsMillion.com waiting for them!