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Malta’s New Gaming Act on Show and Tell- Episode 3

9 August 2018
Episode 3: Malta’s New Gaming Act Synopsis:  Different markets of the igaming industry are in the process of implementing macro changes to the regulations that pertain to it. We’re seeing a worldwide tendency towards a more regulated igaming industry in general. We...

Show and Tell-Episode 1: VR & AR World Context

10 July 2018
About Show and Tell: Show and Tell is an Instagram Stories capsule created by Alea Affiliates, (@aleaaffiliates) where we regularly break down Small doses of Great Big Stories on some of the topics we believe are most interesting in the...

Show and Tell- Episode 2: VR & AR Compared

5 July 2018
Episode 2: VR & AR Compared Synopsis:  In an era where VR and AR are steadily becoming one of the most funded and researched technologies worldwide, the use of these terms are continually becoming more widespread and will eventually gain...