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NetRefer update: it’s almost moving day!

17 April 2019

To all our dear affiliates, we are happy to announce that migration towards our new NetRefer platform will officially be happening in the following weeks.

You may have noticed some recent changes on our login page prompting you to choose between NetRefer login and Alea Affiliates login. This is due to the fact that soon we will be migrating all affiliate accounts towards NetRefer, but not quite yet. We will be getting in touch with you shortly to ask you to open a new NetRefer account with new credentials so we can begin migrating your account.


Please note that when we contact you and migrate your affiliate account, all your data will be properly transferred from the current one to the new one! No fuss, no hassle, no worries-everything ready for action.


We are excited about all the new and more in-depth features NetRefer is bringing to town.
In the meantime, you can continue using your Alea Affiliates account as usual with the same credentials you normally use by clicking on:


If you have any further questions regarding the migration process please contact your affiliate manager or hit us with a message through our contact form and we’ll get back to you.
Have a nice day, and stay tuned! ?