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Let’s all be compliant

9 April 2018

Dear affiliates, as you will no doubt be aware, compliance has been in the spotlight of the industry for any entities targeting UK players over the past year. Alea Affiliates’ experience in this market started back in September 2017 when the ALEA group UK expansion strategy was initiated. The granting of the UK Gambling Commission license, the acquisition of the UK mobile casino brand LadyLucks.co.uk from IGT Group and the opening of SlotsMillion in such a short amount of time marked our first important moves in this market.

By “only” entering the United Kingdom in September last year, we got the opportunity to choose from the first day who we wanted to work with, without having to close any non-compliant affiliates’ accounts afterward. For those involved in our UK adventure, we would like you to know that we are thankful for all the efforts and measures taken so far on your side with the aim of being and remaining fully compliant. It might not be an easy path considering the growing number of rules and restrictions imposed by the UK Gambling Commission, but it’s the direction to take if you’re willing to look at the long term with our brands in the UK and soon in more markets.

Now more than ever, as a UKGC licensed operator we’d like to accompany you through the challenging path of compliance. To do so, we teamed up with Rightlander, a tool developed by former affiliate Ian Sims, which serves purposes for both operators and affiliates.

  • For us, as an operator: Rightlander’s technology keeps us aware of any website, and builds a list of all the locations, where our brands are mentioned or linked to. It then also allows us to set “compliance violation events” that notify us whenever these occur. This way, we are able to help and guide you if something in your site(s) seems to not be in line with the regulating authority’ compliance rules.
  • For you, as affiliates: you also have the ability to scan your own site(s) and find out about compliance violation events, if any are spotted by the system. In addition, Rightlander provides you with another interesting feature which follows all your tracking links to their final destination and informs you in real time if a landing page has been modified, redirected or deactivated by the operator.
We believe that this will make our lives easier and help us always stay ahead of the “game”.
If you have any questions, please contact your Affiliate Manager on Skype or drop us an email at [email protected].


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