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saint patricks day

Let the (mini) games begin!

23 March 2018

A couple of weeks ago the world celebrated St Patrick’s Day, originally declared to honor the life of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), the foremost patron saint of Ireland. So we all know why we celebrate this day, but throughout the years this day has gained momentum and incorporated many new traditions to add to the list of ways how to celebrate it. Some wear green, some drink green beer, some go to church or participate in parades, and some do all the former!


But we decided to go a different route, (though we’re not implying we didn’t drink a beer or two) and prepared two special St. Patrick’s Facebook mini games for SlotsMillion!  




A much greener version of Where’s Wally, the goal of these SlotsMillion mini games was to be the first to find the leprechaun among his very similar looking friends, or the 4 leaf clover, to obtain 20 free spins; and the following 4 received 10 free spins!


We are no fans of spoilers over here, but we will indulge ourselves by saying this was not a one-time-thing and there are many new mini games to expect on special days and occasions like good ol St Patrick’s. Did someone say Easter?…


The rewards may change, but the goal will always be the same: to have fun and obtain freebies while doing so. If your players want to increase their chances of being among the first to play and win freebies, don’t forget to tell them to follow SlotsMillion on Facebook and stay tuned!


Let the (mini) games begin.