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7 simple tips to increase conversions on your website

10 September 2018

Episode 4: 7 simple tips to increase conversions on your website


When it comes to online businesses, getting a lot of traffic to your site is always a great sign, but this matters very little if your traffic isn’t really translating into a higher conversion rate. Are you getting the right kind of traffic? Once you get traffic to your site, are they fully engaging with your content? How do you turn visits into full-on conversions?

Conversion optimization is a broad subject with many different strategies to be applied that can help increase your total revenue. Episode 4 of Show and Tell features 7 simple tips, to begin with, that can go a long way when it comes to optimizing your site for higher conversions. Check them out on our Instagram account or directly below and find out if you’re applying all 7 of them. Episode 4 of Show and Tell marks the starting point of a number of episodes solely focused on tips that will help your site go the extra mile! So check out Episode 4 and stay tuned. The following episodes will go in-depth with some of the most important strategies for your site: from SEO best practices, to copywriting tips to drive engagement, to layout design, so take yourself a 5-minute break to discover some small doses of great big topics on our Instagram stories.

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