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Players can win a bonus on SlotsMillion’s Facebook Mini games

5 March 2019

There’s nothing like a fun and challenging guessing game, especially if the correct answer comes with a sweet bonus! That’s basically what has been going on SlotsMillion’s Facebook page. Through various types of puzzles, guessing games and other sort of conundrums, players have a chance to win a nice bonus by simply keeping up with our posts and leaving their guess in the comments section. The first 5 people to answer correctly have a money bonus to call their own!

The SlotsMillion mini games started almost one year ago, on St. Patrick’s Day. Since then, we’ve given out many 10 euro bonuses to all the winners, and even real Christmas gifts, delivered straight to the winners homes! Our Mini games celebrate different things, wether it be a special holiday, a new game release, or simply the joy of a good ol’ brain-teasers.

Free spins, more money bonuses and real gifts are just some of the things players can look forward to winning. We don’t want to reveal when our next mini game will take place, as in to build up the anticipation, but we would just like to randomly mention we’re very keen on celebrating one year anniversaries. *wink wink*.☘️

So SlotsMillion players can just stay tuned, put on their guessing hats and look forward to winning some prizes.

Are there country restrictions for players?
Unfortunately, yes. At the time being, only players from the following countries are eligible to participate and win: Norway, Iceland, Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Germany. *Depending on the specific mini game, there can be slight changes in the list of eligible countries.

How often do the mini games occur?
It depends, but generally speaking, players can expect a minimum of 1 to 2 mini games per month.

How do players participate in the mini games?
Players have to stay tuned to SlotsMillion’s Facebook page. Once the mini game is posted, they have to be as quick as a cheetah and comment the correct answer. The first five players to answer correctly will receive a special bonus to enjoy on https://www.slotsmillion.com. Only correct answers will be taken into consideration.

How many winners are there per mini game?

What are the terms and conditions?
Glad you asked! Find them here.