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The AFF' Race

The AFF’ RACE: Only One Month To Go!

1 June 2018

May has come and gone, leaving us with only one month left to go for the second edition of the AFF’ Race! That means there is only one month left for participants to give their all in order to win a VIP trip to Barcelona or some amazing tech gear.

The AFF’ Race is a quarterly competition amongst affiliates that started in March and will end the last day of June! This is the second edition so far, but most certainly not the last.

This month’s results have added an extra pinch of adrenaline. There are some clear-cut participants leading the board, but many surprises could lie ahead. If the runners that are on top don’t do their best during this third and final month, they could quickly be surpassed by some fierce competitors. Overall, the AFF’ Race aims to take affiliates to the max, increasing their quarterly results through a series of criteria that are evaluated and then converted into kilometers. The end objective is to cover as many Kilometers as possible by doing the following:

guarantee top exposure for our brands on their acquisition channels, increase the number of FTD each month, maintain a good communication flow with us and share our casino’s promos. All of these are evaluated and converted into Km which decide the runner’s positions.

If you are curious to see what the runners’ lineup looks like: who’s leading the race, who are tied and who is running behind, you can head over to the AFF’ Race Leaderboard.

If instead, you would like to find out what affiliates are actually competing for, other than the overall thrill of a race minus the blisters and extreme exhaustion, you can read about prizes and how participants are being evaluated over here.

We’re excited to see what happens next, as well as who we will be having the pleasure to hang around with us here in sunny Barcelona.