21 March 2018


Track your progress.

The overall criteria to win The AFF’ RACE is to cover as many km as possible! To go the extra mile! To run the distance! or whatever way you want to put it, but really, what’s most important is to have fun & challenge yourself during the journey.

In order to track your progress throughout the race, we have created this leaderboard that will be updated on a weekly basis, where you can see your evolution.


Only one month left of the AFF’ Race

May has come and gone, leaving us with only one month left to go for the second edition of the AFF’ Race! That means there is only one month left for participants to give their all in order to win a VIP trip to Barcelona or some amazing tech gear. We’re excited to see what happens next, as well as who we will be having the pleasure to hang around with us here in sunny Barcelona.

This marks the beginning of the third and final month left of this quarterly race! There are some clear leading competitors, but who knows? There could always be a surprise lying ahead on the track!