1 August 2018

The results are in!! 3 months have passed and now 3 runners have taken their place on the podium.

It’s been 3 months already since the second edition of the AFF’ RACE began and though they have been great and filled with adrenaline; like all good things in life, The AFF’ Race too, must come to an end. The three winners have been chosen according to participants’ overall performance in the 4 evaluation criteria. The first place winner Diamond Dave will join us in Barcelona for a long weekend of Mediterranean adventures, while the 2nd and 3rd place winners, Gio and Happy Winner will be able to make the best of their new tech gear.

1st place: Diamond Dave- VIP trip to Barcelona

2nd place: Giomor- Smartphone + VR goggles

3rd place: Happywinner- Apple Watch + VR goggles

We hope this was as good an experience as it was for us. We highly enjoyed following participants’ efforts and motivation throughout the race and we wish the 3rd edition is even better than the 2nd. Congratulations to all!!

If you want to know everything about the AFF’ Race such as evaluation criteria, head over here, where we break everything down!